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State Tractor Trucking isn’t the only freight broker in Kansas City, but we are the best choice if you want to make sure your load gets delivered on time and safely. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to get the job done right. The next time you need oversize carriers in Kansas City, consider these five reasons you should work with us:


Reason #1 – We Have an Extensive Inventory of Hauling Equipment

If you have oversize or overweight equipment and materials to move, there is no room for error on the road. That’s why we maintain a large fleet of trailers, lowboys, flatbeds, vans, and steerable dolly assemblies. Check out our inventory here. You can be sure that not only do we have a trailer that can carry your load, but we also have the exact trailer you need.


Reason #2 – We Move Rail Specific Loads

If you have equipment that needs to be moved, we can move it. That includes rail-specific loads. We also have the capability of offloading rail-bound freight without a crane.


Reason #3 – We are a Full Service Freight Broker in Kansas City

At State Tractor Trucking, we can handle all the logistics of your shipment from start to finish. We plan the route, oversee the shipment while it is on the road, manage communications, and handle all the permits. We specialize in moving overweight and oversize loads and give you the freedom to focus on more important tasks.

Freight Broker in Kansas City

Reason #4 – We Have 20+ Years of Experience

When your project requires on-time delivery of multi-million-dollar equipment and materials, don’t take a risk on an unknown company with little to no experience. We have been reliably doing business in Kansas and beyond for over twenty years. We know what it takes to get the job done right, and we can do it for you.


Reason #5 – We Specialize in Overweight and Oversize Loads

We are not a generic trucking company that occasionally carries overweight and oversize loads. We specialize in big shipments. If you need a professional oversize transportation company in Kansas City––we can get the job done. We know the unique requirements to safely and properly get anything you have to where it needs to go. Contact us today for more information.


State Tractor Trucking

Oversize Carriers in Kansas City

At State Tractor Trucking, we know cargo. We have extensive experience with oversized loads, heavy hauls, beams, and rail-bound freight. We are also a full-service freight broker in Kansas City and can handle your specialty load from start to finish. You can trust us with route planning, route oversight, and communications between your business and the carrier.

We Are Heavy Hauling Experts

When you work with us, you can expect straight talk and a guarantee to deliver safely and on time.


Contact us if you need equipment transportation in Kansas City, flatbed carriers in Kansas City, or an oversized load trucking company in Kansas City.

Freight Broker in Kansas City


State Tractor Trucking

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