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What is a Super Load? A Material Hauling Company in Kansas City Answers — As an experienced material hauling company in Kansas City, we can move oversize loads, overweight loads, and just about anything else you need to be relocated. On occasion, companies like us that do equipment hauling in Kansas City have to move big loads that exceed the sizes regulated through standard permits issued by municipal and state authorities. In these cases, transportation becomes significantly more complicated.

How Big is a “Super Load” in Kansas?

The definition of a super load varies from state to state, but in Kansas, a shipment is defined as a super load when it meets any of the following specifications:

  • 18 feet high or taller.
  • 16 feet 6 inches wide or wider.
  • 126 feet long or longer.
  • 150,000 pounds or heavier.

A super load is essentially an extra-large oversize load, an extra-heavy overweight load, or both simultaneously. As the size and weight of the load increase, so does the risk involved.

The Kansas Highway Patrol offers a basic FAQ on moving oversize loads. Check out their page here.

What if I Need to Ship a Super Load?

Shipments that exceed standard regulations are not impossible to ship. However, they require additional logistics and coordination with authorities. The biggest concern about shipping super loads is public safety. Extra-large and extra heavy shipments will typically travel very slowly, require traffic to be rerouted, powerlines to be moved, and other similar disruptions to roads and highways. Without proper planning and coordination, vehicle accidents are much more likely to occur. If a vehicle were to collide with the transport vehicle, it could cause the load to come loose and create an increasingly dangerous (and expensive) situation.

Equipment Hauling in Kansas City

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Can a Freight Broker in Kansas City Help with a Super Load?

Many freight brokers and oversize haulers in Kansas City can transport super loads, but not all. This will depend primarily on the available equipment and the expertise of their drivers and logistics personnel. Any time you make an oversize shipment, it is important to work with the best heavy haul company available, but it is even more important when moving a super load.

State Tractor Trucking – Material Hauling Company in Kansas City

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We Are Heavy Hauling Experts

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