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Heavy equipment hauling in Kansas City is serious business.  When shipping machinery or construction materials weighing tens of thousands of pounds, there is no room for mistakes.  That’s why it is important to take the necessary precautions when hauling heavy equipment in Kansas City:

Tip #1 – Know How Much Your Shipment Weighs

Heavy equipment can weigh tens of thousands of pounds, so it’s essential to know the exact weight of your shipment before loading it onto a truck.  The weight of your shipment should not exceed the maximum capacity (or gross vehicle weight rating) of the truck you are using.

Heavy Equipment Hauling in Kansas CityTip #2 – Secure Your Load

Heavy equipment is high in value and vulnerable to theft.  It is essential to secure your load if you want to protect it from damage and potential thieves.  Use high-grade chains, ratchet straps, tie-downs, or cargo nets when possible.

Tip #3 – Know Exactly How Big Your Shipment Is

Heavy equipment hauling in Kansas City can come in various shapes and sizes.  Make sure you know the exact dimensions of your shipment before loading it onto a truck.  Knowing the exact size of your load will help ensure that your transport truck is the right size for hauling the load safely and securely.

Heavy Equipment Hauling in Kansas CityTip #4 – Identify Weak or Fragile Areas of Your Shipment:

Pay close attention to any weak areas or parts of your shipment that may be fragile and require special care during transportation.

Tip #5 – Don’t Trust Your Shipment to Just Anyone

Heavy equipment hauling in Kansas City is a specialized skill.  When selecting a transportation company for your shipment, make sure to do your homework and choose an experienced and reputable shipper who has experience in safely handling oversized shipments.  Ask the shipping company about their safety standards, insurance policies, and history of successful deliveries before you entrust them with your cargo.

Heavy Equipment Hauling in Kansas CityHire a Full-Service Freight Broker in Kansas City

When it comes to heavy equipment hauling, time is of the essence.  Working with a full-service freight broker in Kansas City can save you time and money.  A freight broker will be able to identify the most cost-effective transportation option for your shipment.  They’ll also handle all the paperwork and manage any unexpected changes along the way.  This can be invaluable for those who don’t have the experience or resources to handle these tasks themselves.

By working with a full service freight broker in Kansas City, you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive safely and on time.  A freight broker also provides an extra layer of protection should anything go wrong with your shipment during transit.

When you need oversize carriers in Kansas City, it’s important to choose the right trucking company.

State Tractor Trucking – Heavy Equipment Hauling in Kansas City

At State Tractor Trucking, we know cargo.  We have extensive experience with oversized loads, heavy hauls, beams, and rail-bound freight.  We are also a full-service logistics company in Kansas City and can handle your specialty load from start to finish.  You can trust us with route planning, route oversight, and communications between your business and the carrier.

We Are Heavy Hauling Experts

When you work with us, you can expect straight talk and a guarantee to deliver safely and on time.

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Contact us if you need heavy equipment hauling in Kansas City, a freight broker in Kansas City, or a heavy haul company in Kansas City.

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