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18 Tips for Heavy Equipment Shipping

Logistics Company in Kansas City – At State Tractor Trucking, we specialize in oversize equipment transportation in Kansas City. We know that every load is a little different and requires special attention. If you need to make an oversize shipment, be careful how you do it. Follow these tips for the best results.

Tip #1 – Measure Your Shipment’s Dimensions and Weight Carefully

Before you start any oversize shipping process, you will need to know the dimensions and weight of your cargo. Without this information, selecting the appropriate truck, trailer, and route will be impossible.

Tip #2 – Hire a Professional Logistics Company in Kansas City

The best way to ensure that your heavy equipment shipment is successful is to hire a professional logistics company in Kansas City. An experienced team can help you navigate the complexities of shipping large and oversize items. From selecting the right type of trailer for your load to determining how much it will cost to ship, they can provide helpful advice every step of the way.

Tip #3 – Use the Best Hauling Equipment

When shipping heavy equipment, it’s crucial that you use the best hauling equipment available. This includes using a trailer or container designed specifically for transporting oversize loads. You may also need to rent special lifting straps and other protective equipment to ensure safe delivery.

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Tip #4 – Hire a Logistics Company in Kansas City with Oversize and Overweight Shipping Experience

Oversize and overweight shipping is not the same as standard tractor-trailer shipping. It requires unique processes, hauling equipment, and safety protocols. Don’t trust your shipment to a driver who hasn’t previously managed an overweight or oversized shipment.

Tip #5 – Secure Proper Permits and Appropriate Insurance Coverage

Oversize and overweight shipping requires careful planning and coordination with local and state authorities. Some shipments also require a pilot vehicle to drive ahead of the oversize load and another vehicle to follow behind. A logistics company in Kansas City can help you secure the permits you need.

Tip #6 – Document the Condition of Your Cargo Before and After Shipping

Take high-resolution photographs of your equipment before and after shipping. If something goes wrong while your shipment is being moved, these images will help you understand what went wrong and why.

Tip #7 – Monitor the Shipping Process

Make sure to monitor your shipment throughout its journey. At State Tractor Trucking, we simplify customer service by serving it as a single point of contact throughout the process. If you need to know the status of your shipment, you will only need to contact the logistics specialist assigned to manage your shipment. This makes tracking your shipment’s progress much more manageable.

Tip #8 – Don’t Pay Too Much – Logistics Company in Kansas City

It is important to shop around and compare prices when shipping heavy equipment. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and get the best price possible.

Logistics Company in Kansas City Tip #9 – Read Your Shipping Contract Carefully

Before signing a contract with a logistics company in Kansas City, read every detail and ask questions if something needs clarification. If you aren’t satisfied with the contract, ask for modifications. Consider consulting with a lawyer if your shipment is extremely valuable.

Tip #10 – Be Aware of Local Laws and Regulations

Local, state, and federal laws place specific requirements on how oversized and overweight cargo can be moved. Work with a logistics company in Kansas City that understands these regulations and has experience navigating the permit process.

Tip #11 – Give Yourself Extra Time – Logistics Company in Kansas City

When scheduling an oversized shipment, it’s important to plan and give yourself additional time in case of unexpected delays. Having a few extra days to work with is much better than running into complications that can’t be quickly addressed.

Tip #12 – Manage Your Expectations

Oversize shipping is subject to many variables, so it’s important to manage your expectations. Things like weather, traffic, and mechanical issues can cause unexpected delays.

Tip #13 – Coordinate delivery plans with the recipient

Before requesting a heavy equipment shipping quote, coordinate delivery plans with the recipient of your shipment. Make sure they are ready to receive it when it arrives and that they have made all necessary arrangements for unloading or storing it on-site.

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Tip #14 – Pack Your Cargo Securely – Logistics Company in Kansas City

Before loading your cargo onto the trailer, make sure it is securely packaged for transport. Don’t expect the transportation company to understand all the complexities of moving your special cargo. Create a list of shipping requirements, appropriate tie-down points, potential safety hazards, and anything else relevant to your shipment. Email these requirements to your oversize carriers in Kansas City and ask them to confirm that they have received your instructions.

Tip #15 – Check the Equipment after Delivery

Once your shipment arrives, it’s important to inspect it for any signs of damage. If something is wrong, contact the shipping company immediately and have them document any issues or discrepancies.

Tip #16 – Ask Questions Before the Shipment is Underway

If something isn’t clear, ask for clarification from your logistics specialist or oversize carriers in Kansas City. Professional Kansas City freight brokers should be glad to answer your questions and help you understand any part of the process you don’t understand.

Tip #17 – Ask for a Written Contract – Logistics Company in Kansas City

Before making a payment, ask for a written contract from your Kansas City freight brokers. A useful contract will outline the details of your shipment, including pickup date, delivery date, services, and all associated fees.

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Tip #18 – Supervise the Loading and Unloading of Your Cargo

Damage is most likely to occur when loading and unloading your shipment. Avoid misunderstandings and silly accidents by supervising the process yourself.

State Tractor Trucking – Logistics Company in Kansas City

At State Tractor Trucking in Kansas City, we know cargo. We have extensive experience with oversized loads, heavy hauls, beams, rail-bound freight, and equipment transportation in Kansas City. We are full-service flatbed carriers in Kansas City and can handle your specialty load from start to finish. You can trust us with route planning, route oversight, and communications between your business and the carrier.

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