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Kansas City freight brokers can help you ship oversize equipment, materials, and more. Nonetheless, they can’t do everything for you. Follow these steps to make sure your next oversized shipment is fast and easy.

Step #1 – Gather your shipment information.

For the best shipping rate on your oversized cargo, your freight broker will need details about the item or items you’re shipping, including dimensions and weight.

Step #2 – Find Trustworthy Kansas City Freight Brokers

Look for a broker with experience shipping similar cargo to what you need to be moved. Ask for references and read online reviews to ensure you choose a quality broker.

Step #3 – Ask Your Broker for a Quote

A good freight broker should provide a competitive quote that fits your budget. You can also get additional quotes from other brokers for comparison purposes.

Step #4 – Choose the Shipping Option that Best Fits Your Needs

Most Kansas City freight brokers will offer multiple options for shipping. Make sure to consider both price and delivery times when making your decision.

Step #5 – Schedule Pick Up with Your Kansas City Freight Brokers.

Once you’ve chosen a shipping option, contact your freight broker to coordinate a date and time for the pickup. Keep track of any changes in transit times or delivery dates.

Kansas City Freight Brokers

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Step #6 – Prepare Your Shipment.

Be sure to package or otherwise prepare your cargo for safe shipment. This will ensure that it arrives safely and on time. Your freight broker may have additional packaging instructions you should follow.

Step #7 – Track Your Shipment’s Progress.

Keep an eye on your shipment’s progress with the help of tracking information from your freight broker. This will help you determine if it is on track and will arrive as expected.

Step #8 – Document the Delivery Process.

When your shipment arrives, have someone present to document the delivery itself. Make sure to photograph any damage caused during transit, as this will help you make a claim with your freight broker if needed.

Step #9 – Follow Up with Your Freight Broker in Kansas City.

Once the shipment has been delivered, follow up with your freight broker to make sure everything went as planned and that you can pay any remaining balance due. If there were any issues during transit, this is also an excellent time to discuss them.

Step #10 – Consider Working with the Same Broker Again.

If your experience was good, consider working with the same freight broker again in the future. After several shipments with the same broker, the process should get easier.

Kansas City Freight Brokers

Step #11 – Leave a Positive Review for Your Kansas City Freight Brokers.

If you are satisfied with the service, remember to leave a positive review online or elsewhere. This will help other shippers make informed decisions in the future and encourage your freight broker to continue providing excellent customer service.

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