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The most critical part of moving heavy construction equipment is hiring the right heavy equipment movers in Kansas City. If you need to relocate your oversized or overweight equipment, do it right. Avoid these mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Don’t Hire the Wrong Heavy Equipment Movers in Kansas City

When you are dealing with large equipment, hire experienced and reliable movers. Do your research when selecting a company so that the move goes smoothly. Ask about their experience of moving heavy equipment and consider how long they have been in business. Verify they have proper insurance to cover any potential damage during the move.

Mistake #2 – Don’t Forget to Take Pictures of Your Equipment Before Shipping

Before any move, it is important to take pictures of the equipment from all angles. This will help you prove its condition before shipping and can also be used for comparison after it arrives at its new location. If any discrepancies or damages occur during the transport, the photos serve as proof in case of a dispute with your shipping company.

Mistake #3 – Don’t Forget to Get the Necessary Shipping Permits

Confirm your heavy equipment movers in Kansas City have obtained all necessary permits for shipping.

Heavy Equipment Movers in Kansas City

Mistake #4 – Don’t Forget to Secure Your Equipment Properly

Make sure your heavy equipment is adequately secured before shipping. This may require additional straps, chains, and other support methods to make sure that nothing shifts while in transit.

Mistake #5 – Don’t Forget to Insure Your Equipment – Heavy Equipment Movers in Kansas City

Before shipping, make sure your equipment is insured. If something were to happen during the move that could cause damage or loss, you will want to be compensated for it. Most trucking companies offer insurance policies to cover any damages or losses, but check with them beforehand and make sure it is included in their services.

Mistake #6 – Don’t Ignore Safety Regulations

Make sure the heavy equipment movers in Kansas City you hire are familiar with all applicable safety regulations and industry standards.

Mistake #7 – Don’t Underestimate the Cost of Shipping

Shipping oversized and overweight construction equipment can be expensive. Research and compare prices between different heavy equipment movers to get the best deal.

Mistake #8 – Don’t Fail to Monitor the Shipping Process

Monitoring the shipping process is essential when moving heavy construction equipment. Make sure you are keeping track of all necessary paperwork and that you know where your shipment is at all times. Ask your logistics company in Kansas City how they typically track their shipments.

Mistake #9 – Don’t Forget to Unload Carefully

Unloading large construction equipment can be tricky, even for Kansas City freight brokers. Make sure you have a professional team who knows how to unload it safely and securely without damaging any of the surrounding property.

Heavy Equipment Movers in Kansas City

Mistake #10 – Don’t Forget to Inspect Your Equipment After Arrival

When your equipment arrives at its destination, inspect it for any damages or discrepancies. This will help you if there is a dispute with the movers or if something was improperly secured and shifted during the move.

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