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A reliable logistics company in Kansas City can make your oversized shipments faster and simpler. Nonetheless, they can’t do everything for you. Follow these tips from a freight broker in Kansas City to improve your shipping times.


Tip #1 – Plan Ahead – Logistics Company in Kansas City

The key to managing oversized shipments is proper planning. By getting ahead of schedule, you’ll have time for all necessary preparations. This includes choosing the right carriers, preparing paperwork, and ensuring your shipment complies with regulations.


Tip #2 – Confirm dimensions

Before booking a carrier for an oversized shipment, make sure you have accurate measurements of the cargo. Failure to do so can lead to delays and additional fees. It’s always best to double-check dimensions before booking a carrier and avoid surprises.


Tip #3 – Communicate with your logistics company in Kansas City

Maintain open communication with your chosen logistics company in Kansas City. This will allow them to provide you with accurate timelines and potential issues that may arise during shipping. Keep them updated on any changes to your shipment to avoid delays.


Tip #4 – Understand weight restrictions

Weight restrictions can vary depending on the carrier and route. Be sure to check weight limitations beforehand to avoid delays or extra costs. If your shipment exceeds the limit, consider splitting it into multiple smaller loads or finding a specialized carrier that can handle heavier weights.


Logistics Company in Kansas City

Tip #5 – Use the right equipment

Oversized shipments require specialized equipment to handle them during transportation. Make sure your logistics company has access to the necessary equipment, such as flatbed trucks or cranes, to ensure a smooth shipping process.


Tip #6 – Protect your cargo

In addition to proper packaging, consider using additional protection for your oversized shipment. This can include shrink-wrapping, padding, or securing the cargo with straps. This will protect your shipment from damage during transit and ensure compliance with safety regulations.


Tip #7 – Confirm delivery requirements with your Logistics Company in Kansas City

Ensure you have all necessary documentation and permits before shipping your oversized cargo. Some states may require additional paperwork for transporting oversized loads, and failing to obtain them can result in delays or fines.


Tip #8 – Plan for potential delays

Despite your best efforts, unexpected delays can still occur during oversized shipments. Be prepared for potential road closures, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances that may impact your delivery schedule.


Tip #9 – Consider using expedited shipping services

If time is of the essence, consider using expedited shipping services. These services often come at a higher cost but can significantly reduce transit times for oversized shipments.


Logistics Company in Kansas City

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Tip #10 – Ensure proper labeling

Properly labeling your oversized shipment is crucial to avoid any confusion or delays. Make sure all labels are visible and include essential information such as weight, dimensions, and special handling instructions.


Tip #11 – Stay updated on regulations – Logistics Company in Kansas City

Regulations for oversized shipments can vary by state and country. Stay informed and current on any changes that may impact your shipment, such as new weight restrictions or permit requirements.


Tip #12 – Use tracking services

Tracking services provided by your logistics company can help you stay updated on the status of your oversized shipment. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to plan accordingly if delays occur.


Tip #13 – Follow loading and unloading instructions

Make sure your cargo is loaded and secured according to the carrier’s instructions. Improper loading can not only damage your shipment but also result in delays or accidents during transit.


Tip #14 – Ensure proper insurance coverage

In case of any damages or delays, having proper insurance coverage for your oversized shipment is crucial. Confirm with your logistics company that they have the necessary insurance in place to protect your cargo.


Tip #15 – Plan for customs clearance

Plan for customs clearance beforehand if your oversized shipment is crossing international borders. This can include obtaining necessary permits and documents, as well as budgeting for potential customs fees.


Logistics Company in Kansas City

Tip #16 – Utilize consolidation services

If you have multiple smaller shipments that can be combined into one larger, oversized load, consider utilizing consolidation services. This will save you money and make the shipping process more efficient.


Tip #17 – Plan for loading and unloading equipment

Some oversized shipments may require specialized loading and unloading equipment, such as cranes or forklifts. Plan for this and communicate with your logistics company to ensure they have the necessary equipment available.


Tip #18 – Prioritize safety – Logistics Company in Kansas City

Oversized shipments can be risky, so it’s crucial to prioritize safety at all times. Ensure your logistics company follows all safety regulations and provides proper employee training.


Tip #19 – Communicate with the receiving party

If your oversized shipment is being delivered to a specific location, communicate with the receiving party beforehand. This will allow them to prepare for the delivery and ensure that there are no issues upon arrival.


Tip #20 – Use an Experienced Logistics Company in Kansas City

When it comes to handling oversized shipments, experience matters. Choose a logistics company in Kansas City with a proven track record of successfully managing large and complex shipments.


Tip #21 – Optimize your packing

Efficiently packing your oversized shipment can save you money and time during transportation.


Tip #22 – Know the dimensions and weight of your shipment

Before shipping an oversized load, make sure you have accurate measurements of both its dimensions and weight. This will allow your flatbed carriers in Kansas City to determine the most suitable equipment and route for your shipment.


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