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A professional logistics company in Kansas City can help your small or medium-sized business thrive in ways you may have never considered. Would you benefit from help transporting heavy equipment, managing large freight, or other specialized shipments? Consider all the ways a logistics company or Kansas City freight brokers can help.


Heavy Equipment Shipping

Heavy Equipment Shipping caters to the transport needs of large machinery and equipment used in construction, agriculture, and other industries. Professional logistics companies ensure safe and timely delivery using specialized trailers and vehicles, adhering to regulations, and securing necessary permits for oversized loads.


Freight Brokerage

Freight Brokerage services act as intermediaries between shippers and carriers. They specialize in finding the most cost-effective and reliable shipping solutions for your goods. Brokers leverage their extensive network of carriers to negotiate favorable rates, ensuring your freight arrives on time and within budget.


Oversize Shipping – Logistics Company in Kansas City

Oversize Shipping is essential for transporting large or wide loads that exceed standard legal dimensions. A material hauling company in Kansas City can manage the complexities of oversized shipping, including route planning, permit acquisition, and escort vehicles when necessary to ensure safe and compliant transportation.


Overweight Shipping

Overweight shipping is tailored for loads exceeding weight limits on certain roads or highways. Experienced logistics providers handle the intricacies of overweight shipments, obtaining special permits and planning the safest, most efficient routes to mitigate risks and ensure compliance.


Rail Specific Shipping

Rail Specific Shipping leverages the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of rail transport for bulk goods or long-distance shipments. Logistics firms coordinate with railroads to offer integrated services, including trans-loading, railcar tracking, and last-mile delivery, to ensure seamless transitions from rail to road.


Warehousing – Logistics Company in Kansas City

Warehousing services provide storage solutions for goods awaiting shipment or distribution. Modern logistics companies in Kansas City offer secure, climate-controlled warehousing spaces, inventory management, and fulfillment services, enabling businesses to manage their supply chain efficiently.


Logistics Company in Kansas City


Cross Country Shipping

Cross Country Shipping services facilitate long-haul transport across the United States. Whether by truck, rail, or a combination of modes, logistics providers plan and execute cross-country shipments with an emphasis on cost-efficiency, safety, and timely delivery, adapting to the unique requirements of each load.


International Shipping

International Shipping services extend the reach of businesses beyond domestic borders. Logistics companies handle the complexities of international transport, including customs clearance, import/export documentation, and navigating international shipping regulations, providing a seamless global supply chain solution.


Shipping Permit Acquisition

Shipping Permit Acquisition is a critical service for handling oversize or overweight shipments. Logistics experts ensure compliance with state and federal regulations by obtaining the necessary permits and considering load dimensions, weight, and transport routes.


Route Planning – Logistics Company in Kansas City

Route Planning services optimize the transport path for efficiency and safety. Utilizing sophisticated software and local knowledge; logistics companies identify the best routes to minimize travel time and fuel consumption while also considering load-specific requirements such as height clearances and weight restrictions.


Expedited Shipping

Expedited Shipping services meet the needs of time-sensitive deliveries. Offering prioritized freight handling and transport, logistics providers ensure your goods reach their destination swiftly, using the fastest routes and minimizing downtime.


Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Temperature-controlled shipping is essential for goods requiring specific climate conditions during transit. Logistics companies employ refrigerated trucks or containers to maintain the integrity of perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products.


Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain Consulting services offer expert analysis and recommendations to optimize logistics operations. Consultants evaluate your supply chain from end to end, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies and devising strategies to streamline processes and reduce costs.


Inventory Management – Logistics Company in Kansas City

Inventory Management services help businesses track and control their stock levels. By integrating technology and warehousing solutions, logistics providers offer real-time visibility into inventory, aiding in demand forecasting and reducing overstock or stockouts.


Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery services focus on the final leg of the supply chain, delivering goods from a local hub to the final destination. This critical service ensures timely, efficient delivery to end customers, enhancing customer satisfaction.


Hazardous Materials Shipping

Hazardous Materials Shipping requires specialized handling and compliance with strict regulations. Logistics companies trained in hazardous materials (hazmat) shipping manage the safe transport of chemicals, flammable substances, and other dangerous goods, adhering to safety standards and legal requirements.


Logistics Company in Kansas City


E-commerce Fulfillment – Logistics Company in Kansas City

E-commerce Fulfillment services support online retailers by handling storage, packing, and shipping orders directly to customers. Logistics providers offer scalable solutions to accommodate fluctuating volumes, ensuring fast and accurate order processing.


 Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage services facilitate the import and export process, navigating complex customs regulations. Experienced brokers prepare and submit the necessary documentation, pay tariffs and taxes on behalf of clients, and ensure expedited clearance through customs, keeping shipments moving smoothly across borders.


 Return Logistics

Return Logistics services manage the reverse flow of goods from customers to sellers or manufacturers. Logistics companies handle the return process, including inspection, repackaging, restocking, or disposal of returned items, streamlining operations, and minimizing losses.


Multi-modal Transportation – Logistics Company in Kansas City

Multi-modal Transportation combines various shipping modes (road, rail, sea, or air) to achieve the most efficient route and cost for freight transport. Logistics experts coordinate each leg of the journey, ensuring seamless transitions and consistent tracking throughout the supply chain.


Packaging and Crating

Packaging and Crating services ensure that goods are adequately protected during transit. Custom packaging solutions, including crates, pallets, and containers, are designed to meet the specific requirements of each item, safeguarding against damage.


Port Services

Port Services encompass a range of activities required to manage freight moving through sea or river ports. Logistics companies offer cargo handling, trans-loading, customs brokerage, and short-term storage services to facilitate efficient port operations.


Project Cargo

Project Cargo services transport oversized, heavy, or complex equipment for large-scale projects. Logistics companies execute these challenging shipments with meticulous planning and coordination, leveraging specialized equipment and expertise.


Freight Forwarding – Logistics Company in Kansas City

Freight Forwarding services are intermediaries between businesses and carriers transporting goods globally. Forwarders arrange the best means of transport, considering cost, time, and cargo type, while handling all related documentation and logistics details.


Logistics Company in Kansas City

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At State Tractor Trucking in Kansas City, we know cargo. We have extensive experience with oversized loads, heavy equipment transportation in Kansas City, beams, and rail-bound freight. We are full-service heavy equipment movers in Kansas City and can handle your specialty load from start to finish. You can trust us with route planning, route oversight, and communications between your business and the carrier.

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