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As a heavy equipment hauling company and freight broker in Kansas City, we transport oversize equipment every day. If you need to move heavy equipment, we want to help. Be sure to avoid these mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Don’t Hire the Wrong Freight Broker in Kansas City

A freight broker in Kansas City understands the complexities of heavy equipment hauling. The wrong broker can lead to costly delays and damages if they don’t have the right experience. Research carefully and select a reliable freight broker for your heavy equipment transportation.

Mistake #2 – Don’t Fail to Research Shipping Requirements

Before moving heavy equipment, you need to know the regulations and permits needed for each load. Each state has different requirements for oversize loads, so research carefully before setting out. Failure to have the proper documentation can result in expensive fines and delays.

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Mistake #3 – Don’t Fail to Have Your Hauling Equipment Inspected

An experienced heavy haul company in Kansas City requires specialized trailers and trucks. Before starting a trip, make sure all equipment is inspected and ready for the journey. A breakdown on the highway can cause delays and put everyone’s safety at risk.

Mistake #4 – Don’t Neglect to Secure Your Load – Freight Broker in Kansas City

When hauling heavy equipment, properly secure your load to the trailer. Overweight loads require special equipment to secure them. Neglecting to secure your load can lead to accidents and damage.

Mistake #5 – Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Route Planning

Route planning is crucial for heavy equipment hauling. Oversized loads require special routes that avoid low bridges or narrow roads. Proper planning helps ensure a safe and efficient journey.

Mistake #6 – Don’t Fail to Monitor the Weather

Inclement weather can significantly impact heavy equipment hauling. High winds, snow, or rain can make an already challenging task even more difficult. Monitor the weather and plan accordingly to avoid any potential hazards.

Mistake #7 – Don’t Overload Your Trailer – Freight Broker in Kansas City

Every trailer has a maximum weight capacity that should not be exceeded. Overloading your trailer can lead to dangerous situations and equipment damage. Make sure to carefully load your equipment within the weight limits of your trailer.

Mistake #8 – Don’t Ignore Load Balance

Proper load balance is crucial for heavy equipment hauling in Kansas City. Unevenly distributed loads can cause trailers to sway, making them difficult to control on the road. Ensure that your load is evenly balanced before starting a trip.

Mistake #9 – Don’t Fail to Communicate

Communication is critical in heavy equipment hauling. Make sure all parties involved, including the freight broker in Kansas City, are aware of any changes or updates to the trip. This helps prevent miscommunication and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Mistake #10 – Don’t Rush Through Permits and Inspections

Obtaining permits and inspections may seem time-consuming, but they are essential for heavy equipment hauling. Rushing through these processes can lead to mistakes and delays, not to mention costly fines.

Freight Broker in Kansas City

Mistake #11 – Don’t Forget About Insurance Coverage – Freight Broker in Kansas City

Accidents can happen during heavy equipment hauling, even with careful planning. Make sure you have proper insurance coverage to protect your investment in case of any accidents or damages.

Mistake #12 – Don’t Neglect Proper Equipment Maintenance

Heavy equipment hauling puts a lot of stress on vehicles and trailers. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Neglecting maintenance can lead to breakdowns and delays.

Mistake #13 – Don’t Ignore Weight Restrictions on Bridges

Bridges have weight limits for a reason – exceeding them can lead to serious accidents and damage. Make sure you know the weight restrictions for each bridge along your route and plan accordingly.

Mistake #14 – Don’t Forget Anout Pilot Cars – Freight Broker in Kansas City

Pilot cars are essential for oversize loads, especially when traveling on highways. They help warn other drivers of the large load and can navigate tricky roads ahead. Don’t skimp on pilot cars to save money – their assistance is worth the investment.

Mistake #15 – Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Driver Experience

Hauling heavy equipment requires skilled and experienced drivers. Make sure your drivers have proper training and experience in handling oversize loads before sending them out on a trip.

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Mistake #16 – Don’t Forget About Escort Vehicles

In some cases, escort vehicles may be required for oversize loads. They help guide the heavy equipment through difficult areas and ensure the safety of other drivers on the road. Make sure you know when escort vehicles are necessary and have them arranged before starting your trip.

Mistake #17 – Don’t Rely on Inexperienced Loaders

Loading heavy equipment onto trailers is a specialized skill that requires proper training and experience. Don’t rely on inexperienced loaders to save time or money – this can lead to damage to the equipment and delays.

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Mistake #18 – Don’t Ignore Weight Restrictions on Roads – Freight Broker in Kansas City

Some roads have weight restrictions for vehicles, especially those with heavy loads. When planning your route, be aware of these restrictions and follow them to avoid costly fines.

Mistake #19 – Don’t Overlook the Importance of Clearance Heights

Oversized loads may require special clearance heights for bridges, tunnels, or overpasses. Make sure you know the height requirements for your load and plan accordingly to avoid any damage or delays.

Mistake #20 – Don’t Neglect to Check for Road Closures – Freight Broker in Kansas City

Construction, accidents, or weather events can lead to road closures. Always check for potential closures along your route and have backup plans to avoid delays.

Mistake #21 – Don’t Fail to Account for Traffic Congestion

Heavy equipment hauling is already challenging, and traffic congestion can make it even more difficult. Plan for potential delays due to heavy traffic and allow for extra time in your schedule.

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Mistake #22 – Don’t Forget About Detours – Freight Broker in Kansas City

Sometimes, road closures or accidents may require detours along your route. Always have backup plans and be prepared for unexpected detours to avoid delays.

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